Crazy Beautiful Clouds tonight!

1 10 2011

My wife and I took a quick look outside – just after sunset and noticed the crazy red lights. I ran to grab my camera – sadly, I had my telephoto lens on the camera and the light was fading fast. I took a quick series of photos so I could capture the colors. The photo is a HDR series (actually seven photos shot in quick succession so that all the colors could be combined into one image.

Notice the blue sky at the top (just a little of the blue sky was peeking through the clouds. Next the yellow band of light around the scattered clouds and then the intense red light from the sun – it had just set a few minutes before the shot was taken.

Hope you enjoy it.

Tonight's sunset - every color from baby blue to intense red.


Race for the Cure – 2011

26 09 2011

The Susan Koman – Race for the Cure was held today. In Orange County, Fashion Island, Newport Beach was the venue. This year was marked by cool weather and a visit and speech by Dr. Oz. The event was bigger than ever as thousands listened and walked/raced for the cure. Along with the few photos here; I’d invite you to view a 3 minute music video of the event that I prepared which should give you a nice flavor of the day.  Here’s the link to the YouTube video.

Dr. Oz was the guest speaker for this years event.


Here's part of the Miller Time Team.


Record number of people attended

Hurley Surf Contest at Trestles

19 09 2011

Today the Hurley Pro Surfing Contest began at Trestles (San Clemente). The international line-up is very impressive and despite less-than-great surf the participants put on a great show. Actually, the afternoon sets started getting larger and the pros made every waves count. The contest continues through the 24th…if you get a morning off this week head down to San Clemente for a great show.

Beach Clean Up Today

17 09 2011

The annual Beach Clean Up took place this morning up and down the Southern California coast. My buddies at the SOCDC (South Orange County Dive Club) as assigned Crescent Beach in Laguna Beach. Along with a few other local groups the beach was restored to pristine condition in under two hours. Lots of local scuba divers and people who were enjoying the calm conditions on and in the water. It was just another one of those days that you remember why you live close enough to have access to such a beautiful place.

Lots of people pitched in to make this year's clean up a bit of fun.

Won a photo award at L.A. County Fair!

11 09 2011

Went to L.A. County Fair in Pomona, CA yesterday, and found out that I won 3rd Place Award for my photo of a workboat that I took in Dana Point Harbor earlier this year. I was entered in the Professional/Landscape section (don’t ask me why this is in the “landscape” section but it was). This was a nice surprise and I was quite delighted. My brother-in-law snapped this photo of myself with the photo. If you get a chance to get to the Fair take a look.

Arrow points to my photo...full size below.

Here's the full image

Sea Foam…what’s up with the rise in sea foam?

1 09 2011

I’ve been noticing lately that there seems to be an increasing amount of sea foam in the local waters. I’ve especially noticed it at Laguna Beach – mainly in the Laguna Cove. It’s not there all the time just in the mid afternoon – between 2:00 and 4:00 pm. I’m thinking that it has to do with the shifting of the tides but I’m not sure. If you have any thoughts – please enlighten the rest of us!

The photo below does not show the foam…I waited for a nice wave break.

While this photo does NOT show the beach's there in the afternoon.

Quick Trip to Catalina…

30 08 2011

Joanie and I went over for a “day trip” to Catalina with my brother and sister in law, yesterday. The weather started out foggy in the morning (we went out of Newport Beach) but the fog lifted by 10:30 and the rest of the day was great…we did the usual tourist things…driving around the island in a rented golf cart, and shopping our brains out! Great day, great food and at the end of the day it was a trip to Big Olafs for a waffle cone Sunday – with whipped cream and a cherry.

The photos show the weather, and the good times…you notice that the waffle cones were just about consumed in the photo.