“Lower’s” Pro Surf Contest Going on Now in San Clemente

6 05 2011

The Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro Surf Contest is breaking all records this year…world class surfers, record prize money ($250,000) and the most beautiful, large, and expensive trophy in just about any sport! The weather is weird…clear in the early morning, then foggy for a few hours and then bright and sunny again. The water/waves are classic Lower Tresles and the surfers are in great form. In fact, this year Time/Warner is broadcasting the contest live to Southern California and Hawaii. Here’s a shot from today…want to see more check out this link.


Old Mailbox

4 05 2011

This old, beat-up mailbox was photographed on Los Rios Street in San Juan Capistrano. The classic area is located behind the train station in the Los Rios District. If you’re in the area and want to gave a great lunch or early dinner – it’s a great place to enjoy San Juan Capo as it existed 50 to 100 years ago.

By the way, “yes” the mailbox is still used on a daily basis…it’s a “local” thing!

Surfing photo for OrangeCounty.com

21 04 2011

Just entered my photo for OrangeCounty.com annual contest here’s the photo that I entered…and Click Here for the link to see it on the contest web site (just in case you want to vote for it – hint, hint).

My Dana Point Sunset Surfer image...vote for it on the link above if you like it.

Woodies at the beach

29 03 2011

Last weekend, in conjunction to the Van’s Huntington Beach Surf Contest that was a classic car show along Main street and over by the pier…”tons” of great classic hot rods, classics and a large number of beach woodies! Here’s a few photos of these memories of the past…

Classic beach woodies...

This one is needs a little TLC - O.K. it need a lot of TLC!

1933 Rolls Royce Woodies - yes it is original condition except for the color.

Beautiful restoration...notice the details!

This hood decoration shows the "spirit" of creativity on these cars.

Want to see some of the Classic Hot Rods? Go to this link!

Huntington Beach Surfing Contest

28 03 2011

Here’s a few photos from the weekend surfing championship in Huntington Beach. The weather was COLD but the surfing was really hot! The city rolled out a great weekend – with a great classic car show and street fair (more photos on that aspect in a few days). Here’s just a few photos that give you a hint of the event.

The event occurs on the south side of the pier...

As you can see the waves had great shape

Several opportunities to get clean air.

Big, Big Moon

21 03 2011

Yesterday (and the night before) was the “big moon.” You probably read about it in the news about the fact that the moon would appear the largest in 20 years – and that it would take another 20 years to appear as large as it does right now. Friday night the moon was really clear and the photo shows that. Was was really remarkable was that I was able to shoot the photo and by “underexposing” the moon – I could see remarkable detail on the moon. Hope you like the photo.

The biggest moon in 20 years.

Festival of the Whales – Dana Point – “The Cars”

8 03 2011

Lots of “Woodies” and Metros where at the 40th Annual Festival of the Whales that started last Saturday. The Festival has one more weekend to go (next weekend, of course). The weather was great and the day was “classic.” Seemed like there were fewer people than last year (which means you can actually walk around easier). We saw lots of classic cars and some really interesting arts and crafts. If you have not gone in the past – this is the year to go…the weather is expected to be great next weekend and you will hear some great music and eat some unique food.

Want to see more…go to this gallery to see 40 photos of the “cool cars.”