Prom Night at SC Pier

23 05 2011

My photographic group, Orange County Photo Club, was doing a outdoor portrait/lighting workshop at the San Clemente Pier Saturday evening. We set up and began shooting each other when we spotted a group of high school students who were taking some photos of themselves down by the water. We asked them to pose a take a few photos with our group. The four young ladies agreed to pose and this set-up was with Jared (the son of one of our members). We also “flagged down” one of the local surfers, Tony, as he was getting out of the surf. All in all, it was a very successful workshop…and I’m sure that Jared has some new friends.


Sky on Fire in San Diego

23 03 2011

This was shot around sunset in Seaport Village – San Diego. The sky was deep blue – but behind this “ragged” building (which is really a very nice place to eat) it looked like it was on fire for just a few minutes. I set up and fired off a few shots and then changed by light setting to take full advantage of the “fire.” I like the reflections in the water and the mood of the shot. By the way, this is not done in a HDR technique (multiple exposures) it is a single exposure that was grossly underexposed and overdeveloped.

Sky on fire - Seaport Village

Sunset over Catalina

12 02 2011

Wow, such a beautiful sunset tonight…yes, this was tonight. I was driving home along PCH and I pulled off at Laguna Beach to shoot this sunset. You can see Catalina at the horizon and the sun setting just about in the middle of the island. No clouds, so it was not as dramatic as in other days – but beautiful just the same. What was really interesting is that as soon as the sun disappeared the temperature seems to drop 10 degrees.

It’s great to live in one of the best places in the world!

Angry Ocean

4 02 2011

Not every day in Southern California is bright and sunny (as much as we’d like our East Coast friends to believe) – that’s not to say that there isn’t beauty in an overcast or stormy day…here’s a great example. The wind was blowing, the sky was cloudy and “angry” and the water was not it’s usual beautiful blue. However, the harshness of the rocks and the angry sea and sky seems to work together to give us a beautiful image of nature. Hope you like it as much as I did when I was down by the water.

A Walk in the Park At Sunset

1 02 2011

This image is of Joanie walking through the park (over by the Marriott Hotel) at about 10 minutes before sunset. It’s a HDR combo of 5 exposures – and no Joanie was not moving in any of the exposures. The colors of the sunset and sky and grass are just the way my eye saw things. During the combo process I sharpened up the details to suggest a certain mood to the shot.

Sunset off of Dana Point

23 01 2011

I went out towards sunset on my friend Tom Dunbar’s boat to take a few sunset photos. We were hoping for a few clouds in the sky to “light-up” the sunset. As you can see the sunset was cloudless, but still beautiful. You might notice a small sliver of Catalina Island on the right side of this image. We stayed out about half an hour after sunset – the temperature fell quite rapidly. Clouds or not, the sunsets at this time of the year are really taking a few hours to enjoy.

More Beautiful Winter Sunsets

9 01 2011

Just about any day that you take the time to watch the sun setting – you’ll be rewarded by a terrific show. Last night, Joanie and I drove down to Dana Point to see what would happen. As you can see here, we were treated to another fantastic sunset. The clouds were a little higher in the sky, but lowered as the sun was about to disappear – the results were pretty neat. Too bad the cloud cover was a bit heavy, had it been a little lighter we would be also treated to the “after-sunset” show of pink and orange clouds – maybe tonight!

By the way, the colorful action is happening at about 4:55pm – we got to this spot at about 4:45 and the show was pretty much over at 5:05.