Romance at the beach…

15 11 2011

Last night I was a second shooter (assisting one of my Orange County Photographic Club buddies) shooting a couple at the beach. As you can see, I was shooting the “overalls” while Ron and Mike were shooting the closeups and portraits. The weather really cooperated and we got some very nice sunset at the beach which is exactly what this couple were looking for. Of course, it really helps that they were “naturals” for creating nice poses. By the way, Kristi really wanted to have her “boots” highlighted in the beach shot.


The End of Summer?

27 10 2011

Yes, we’re getting to the end (hey, it’s almost time for the Great Pumpkin) of summer and winter is just around the corner. If you’d like to see a 3 minute video of my “Images of Summer 2011” click here. Hope we have a crisp and clear winter.

End of Summer - 2011

The Sunsets just keep getting better and better!

5 10 2011

Showed you a good one the other day…tonights was even better! The clouds gathered early and I grabbed my camera (this time I was ready for a nice photo). This is a nine-shot HDR composition which was cleaned up in a Nik filter to allow the detail to be crisp and clean.

I’m getting ready to teach a free class on how to achieve these results…if you’re interested leave me a comment and I’ll forward the details to you.

Three minutes after sunset.

Crazy Beautiful Clouds tonight!

1 10 2011

My wife and I took a quick look outside – just after sunset and noticed the crazy red lights. I ran to grab my camera – sadly, I had my telephoto lens on the camera and the light was fading fast. I took a quick series of photos so I could capture the colors. The photo is a HDR series (actually seven photos shot in quick succession so that all the colors could be combined into one image.

Notice the blue sky at the top (just a little of the blue sky was peeking through the clouds. Next the yellow band of light around the scattered clouds and then the intense red light from the sun – it had just set a few minutes before the shot was taken.

Hope you enjoy it.

Tonight's sunset - every color from baby blue to intense red.

Won a photo award at L.A. County Fair!

11 09 2011

Went to L.A. County Fair in Pomona, CA yesterday, and found out that I won 3rd Place Award for my photo of a workboat that I took in Dana Point Harbor earlier this year. I was entered in the Professional/Landscape section (don’t ask me why this is in the “landscape” section but it was). This was a nice surprise and I was quite delighted. My brother-in-law snapped this photo of myself with the photo. If you get a chance to get to the Fair take a look.

Arrow points to my photo...full size below.

Here's the full image

Yesterday…crazy clouds…today no clouds

26 05 2011

But a beautiful sunset…the day was calm and warmer…tomorrow it will be complete different. This weather just is full of surprises. I try to get down to the coast (really at the beach most times) about three times a week. Lately, I don’t know if I should bring my sun block or an umbrella. But the images that the weather has been delivering are really pretty nice.

Question…if you could have any weather for this time of the year what would it be like? Warmer or cool and what activities would you want to participate in during the summer months.

This weekend is the launch time for Summer…I’m going to a picnic at Laguna Beach on Saturday with a “ton of friends.” I’m hoping for a nice warm day – and “Yes” I will take some photos to show everyone!

Crazy weather

24 05 2011

We’ve been having some strange weather (not like the Midwest…the people there are REALLY getting slammed), but the weather seems to been changing radically from day-to-day. The cloud formations are very dramatic, and seem to change character two or three times during the day. I’m only hoping that we have a warmer, and more stable summer than last year. The photo was shot on the golf course – San Juan Creek, in San Juan Capistrano. Sun is ready to set in about 30 minutes.