High Flying Surfer…

15 12 2011

This photo was taken a few months ago, although, I have just recently “processed” it. The image was captured at the Hurley Surfing event in San Clemente (Tresles) and it was part of an experiment to see if I could get a few good images while shooting at a slow shutter speed. During the morning session, I shot “normally” which is about 1/240 to 1/1000 of a second to freeze the water and the surfer at the height of the action. After a few hundred of these shots, you get bored and need to figure out what to do next. I like this image since it still shows the action and gives you a feel of what the spray of the water was like.

Hurley Event in San Clemente

Hurley Event in San Clemente

Family Tradition

20 11 2011

Yesterday, I attended a workshop on Portrait Lighting using colored gels. Our model for the day was a young lady named Haley. During the course of taking photos I, and others noticed a tattoo on her inner arm. She explained that her grandmother and mother also have the same tattoo – three words (Saremo Sempre Insieme) in Italian which translated means “We are always together!”

This photo highlights both the model and the family tradition.

Haley's tattoo which translated from Italian means - "We are always together!"

We’ve got a new addition to our family…

9 07 2011

Here’s a shot of “Bella” our latest addition to the family. She’s just 7 weeks old and a “handful.” In this shot she finally got tired of running around and decided to take a break and lay down next to a pair of my running shoes. She only has “two-speeds” sleeping and full run. Joanie and I are remembering exactly how hard it is to potty train a new puppy (this is really work for someone younger than I am). The bottom-line is…she is very sweet and brings a lot of joy into the house.

"Bella" in a rare moment of being quiet!

San Clemente Street Fair/Car Show and Local Surfers…

13 06 2011

Wow, ended up covering a lot of subjects and places in a very short period of time. Met a couple of photo friends at the San Clemente pier in the morning. We shot under the pier and around it. Also shot this portrait of a local, experienced surfer – he was a real character. Then we moved up to the downtown area to shoot the Hot Rods at the annual show and street fair. “Tons” of really great cars. Hope you had a great weekend!

This 41 hot rod appears to be "eating" the engine.

Local San Clemente surfer...

Got a chance to get a photo with Wyland…

6 06 2011

This last Saturday I went to the SCUBA SHOW in Long Beach with my friend, Bruce. We spent about 6 hours at the show seeing old friends and new equipment. There were a “ton” of destination representatives at the show offering fantastic deals on great dive/vacation packages. As in the past few years Wyland was in attendance painting a few pieces of art “live” at the show.

I’ve long been a fan of Wyland’s work and really admire his attention to ocean preservation and the great work that he does with a number of organizations that try to maintain and defend this treasured resource. During a break time I walked up to Wyland and asked him if it would be possible to take a photo with him…he was happy to cooperate and here is the photo that I got Bruce to take with my camera. Neat!

Image of myself and Wyland and the artwork that he was working on at the SCUBA Show.

A pair of Jilted Brides!

7 05 2011

How do you think you’d feel if you and your friend were both left at the altar? Well, that’s the feeling that depicted here – the good news for them was it was just a “set-up.” My photographic club was taking some “sample” wedding photos last week and the two recent brides (and their happy husbands) were poising for us…another photographer and myself got the idea for the “mock – jilted brides” set-up and shot it! Great fun – guess it could happen (two brides being abandoned on the same day), but it made for an interesting photo and turned the heads of a few people in cars where were passing by as we were clicking away.

How's it feel to be left at the altar?