Thanksgiving is over and the leafs are turning…

28 11 2011
Who sez that we don’t get beautiful color leafs in Orange County. There are a few trees in my neighborhood in San Juan Capistrano. Remind me of living in the Midwest…except that it’s late November and the temp today is 79 degree and I’m outside in a t-shirt. The weather keeps going from cold to warm within the same week and it drives some of us crazy. Of course, every time I see a few images of the East Coast, I remember that you need to learn to love the winter – or you’re going to very depressed.
Every section of the country has it’s individual appeal, and I’ve lived in Calif., Texas, Indiana, Louisiana, Mass., Flordia, Alaska, Turkey, and Viet Nam (very briefly), I always remember that I can back to California years ago; and while I have fond memories of all the above except Turkey (was in the military), Orange County is the place that just “feels-right.”

It's late November and we're just getting fall colors.


More Spring Flowers

14 04 2011

Here’s another photo of the Spring blooms – this area around Laguna Beach seems to just be “crazy” with both wildflowers and local varieties.

It’s “Blooming” around Southern California!

10 04 2011

The wildflowers (and just about every other kind of flower/tree) are blooming all around the Southland. Time to get out and smell the roses! As long as the weather hold you can see some of nature paint the landscape with bright shades of wonderful!

Here’s a quick shot of a bottle-brush (I think that’s what they’re called). over in Laguna Beach (background). Will be posting more flowers and trees in the next few days.

Here’s something we don’t see every year…

5 12 2010

During some years the leaves go from green to brown too fast…this year, we’re getting a real taste of “autumn colors.” I shot this image (actually three images combined in the HDR techniques – to capture all the color range that was really there) a few blocks from where Joanie and I live. We were doing our daily exercise and we came across this scene. After the hurried walk I grabbed my camera and drove back over to where we saw the trees. The colors were just so intense – and I’m glad I went back over immediately, because an hour later it started to rain, knocking some of the leaves off the trees.

Anyway, here’s autumn colors in Orange County – Enjoy…and take a quick look around your neighborhood to see the colors while they last.

Intense Colors for Orange County.

Weather still does not “feel” like summer, however…

28 06 2010

All of these clouds are keeping the temperatures down, but they sure make for some beautiful sunsets! At least if the clouds are “just right.” What I mean by that is when they are too heavy – all we see is fog/overcast. As you can see in this image of the Newport Harbor entrance area…the clouds were “just right.” The sunset was beautiful and the sun was just low enough to be orange without blowing out the rest of the image. Notice how the sun is backlighting the flowers. If you’ve looked at several of my other shot of the coast, you’ll notice that I got a few “Bird of Paradise” flowers in the image (as I really like to do).

Backlit Birds of Paradise - Newport Beach

Why I DON’T hate the cloudy weather.

22 06 2010

As summer is getting into full bloom, we still get a few cloudy days…these are the days that I run to the coast – especially around sunset. Now, just to be clear, I love the bright sunshiny days as much as any native born California resident. However when you want to take dramatic photos, the cloudy days provide a great deal of beautiful detail.

This shot was taken on the walkway at the Montage Resort. The clouds provide a level of interest that wouldn’t be as interesting on a clear day. The cloudy weather didn’t seem to hold anyone else back either – the beach was packed with people.

Next time you wake up and see a cloudy day – think about grabbing your camera as you head to the coast.

View of Venice

14 06 2010

Venice, California that is…we took a little detour on our way back from Canyon Country this weekend and drove through Santa Monica and Venice (we haven’t been through there in years). Beautiful day, a little windy but warm. Venice has changed a bit – quite a few homes have been bought and upgraded – some don’t really seem to fit the charm of the area, however there are plenty that are just lovely. Here’s a nice view that I feel really represents the area.