First Rays of Light for 2012

2 01 2012

Shot this image this morning, January 1, 2012 – first sunrise for the year – what a great way to start out this season. The fog was just clearing up in Laguna Beach, California when the sun began to rise over the local hills. A group of local teenages who were collected to watch the first rays of sun for the year let out a cheer when the sun began to peek over the hills. It was a pretty neat moment. I spent the rest of the morning shooting a few other images in the area. I’ll post them in the next few days. Thanks again, to my shooting partner, Craig, for getting up at “zero-dark, one-hundred” to capture these moments.

Sunrise at Laguna Beach - Jan. 1st, 2012

First rays of sun for the year.


High Flying Surfer…

15 12 2011

This photo was taken a few months ago, although, I have just recently “processed” it. The image was captured at the Hurley Surfing event in San Clemente (Tresles) and it was part of an experiment to see if I could get a few good images while shooting at a slow shutter speed. During the morning session, I shot “normally” which is about 1/240 to 1/1000 of a second to freeze the water and the surfer at the height of the action. After a few hundred of these shots, you get bored and need to figure out what to do next. I like this image since it still shows the action and gives you a feel of what the spray of the water was like.

Hurley Event in San Clemente

Hurley Event in San Clemente

Thanksgiving is over and the leafs are turning…

28 11 2011
Who sez that we don’t get beautiful color leafs in Orange County. There are a few trees in my neighborhood in San Juan Capistrano. Remind me of living in the Midwest…except that it’s late November and the temp today is 79 degree and I’m outside in a t-shirt. The weather keeps going from cold to warm within the same week and it drives some of us crazy. Of course, every time I see a few images of the East Coast, I remember that you need to learn to love the winter – or you’re going to very depressed.
Every section of the country has it’s individual appeal, and I’ve lived in Calif., Texas, Indiana, Louisiana, Mass., Flordia, Alaska, Turkey, and Viet Nam (very briefly), I always remember that I can back to California years ago; and while I have fond memories of all the above except Turkey (was in the military), Orange County is the place that just “feels-right.”

It's late November and we're just getting fall colors.

Family Tradition

20 11 2011

Yesterday, I attended a workshop on Portrait Lighting using colored gels. Our model for the day was a young lady named Haley. During the course of taking photos I, and others noticed a tattoo on her inner arm. She explained that her grandmother and mother also have the same tattoo – three words (Saremo Sempre Insieme) in Italian which translated means “We are always together!”

This photo highlights both the model and the family tradition.

Haley's tattoo which translated from Italian means - "We are always together!"

Romance at the beach…

15 11 2011

Last night I was a second shooter (assisting one of my Orange County Photographic Club buddies) shooting a couple at the beach. As you can see, I was shooting the “overalls” while Ron and Mike were shooting the closeups and portraits. The weather really cooperated and we got some very nice sunset at the beach which is exactly what this couple were looking for. Of course, it really helps that they were “naturals” for creating nice poses. By the way, Kristi really wanted to have her “boots” highlighted in the beach shot.

The End of Summer?

27 10 2011

Yes, we’re getting to the end (hey, it’s almost time for the Great Pumpkin) of summer and winter is just around the corner. If you’d like to see a 3 minute video of my “Images of Summer 2011” click here. Hope we have a crisp and clear winter.

End of Summer - 2011

The Sunsets just keep getting better and better!

5 10 2011

Showed you a good one the other day…tonights was even better! The clouds gathered early and I grabbed my camera (this time I was ready for a nice photo). This is a nine-shot HDR composition which was cleaned up in a Nik filter to allow the detail to be crisp and clean.

I’m getting ready to teach a free class on how to achieve these results…if you’re interested leave me a comment and I’ll forward the details to you.

Three minutes after sunset.