Out Damn Spot!!!

27 08 2011

You may have noticed that about six or seven weeks ago (it seems like a lifetime – really) we were having our backyard redone. The concrete slab had cracked badly and our homeowner’s association was in the process of replacing the backyard slabs with brick pavers. Since the brick pavers would “move” with the ground – we would have a nicer backyard that should serve us well for years. Great plan – and so they went to work. About two weeks ago they finished (or so we thought). One problem, when the water dried out after hosing off the sand and dirt from the bricks; we noticed that the bricks seemed stained with thousands of white spots. We (and the homeowner’s association workers) tried several cleaners, brushes and even some industrial cleaners – very little change. So now were in the process of waiting for the workers to buy more replacement bricks to replace all of the stained ones.  Will let you all know how it turns out!

Oh, by the way…here’s a photo of the bricks “after” all the scrubbing and cleaning!


How was your Memorial Day Celebration?

31 05 2011

Ours centered around FOOD! Actually, the evening before Memorial Day we got together with a group of friends (see photo below) and cooked up a storm. Our friends Paul and Kathy fired up the BBQ and we had enough food to feed an army. Everyone brought a special dish we had a chance to sample each others special food specialties. Great times – great food. I hope your weekend was as nice as ours turned out to be.

Here's an overview of just one of the food tables (we had three tables of food).

This table was just the "starters."

Fresh berries - what a beautiful dish and it was delicious!

The interactions and conversation was animated and lively!

A pair of Jilted Brides!

7 05 2011

How do you think you’d feel if you and your friend were both left at the altar? Well, that’s the feeling that depicted here – the good news for them was it was just a “set-up.” My photographic club was taking some “sample” wedding photos last week and the two recent brides (and their happy husbands) were poising for us…another photographer and myself got the idea for the “mock – jilted brides” set-up and shot it! Great fun – guess it could happen (two brides being abandoned on the same day), but it made for an interesting photo and turned the heads of a few people in cars where were passing by as we were clicking away.

How's it feel to be left at the altar?

Photographer’s Day at Santa Anita Racetrack

14 03 2011

Attended the first-ever, Photographer’s Day at Santa Anita Racetrack last Friday! We arrived early and were able to take photos of the morning workout along with the races. Also took some nice photos in the Turf Club (will post later). Great day, great opportunity to get some “behind-the-scene” shots. Here’s a few.

Welcome to 1957 – The Apple Pan in Westwood

3 03 2011

The Apple Pan on Pico Blvd in Westwood is really a “blast from the past.” While some places try to create the feel of the 50’s the Apple Pan doesn’t have to try…it’s just never changed from the opening day. Their menu is pretty simple, Hickory burger, frys, and pie (yes, you can get ice cream on top – in fact, you should get it).

Check out the paper “cones” that the drinks are served in…I was wondering where they even get them! Our server, Paul mentioned that he’s been working there for over 20 years.

I’ve been coming to the Apple Pan for over 30 years and I’ve never walked into the place where I didn’t have to wait for a seat…something’s are just worth the wait – this is one of them. If you’re in the Westwood area (or anywhere close) check out the Apple Pan on Pico (just East of Westwood Blvd.).

Located East of Westwood Blvd. on Pico.

Old style diner, yes, you will have to wait to get a seat.

Welcome to 1957 - food is great and service is fast.

A Walk in the Park At Sunset

1 02 2011

This image is of Joanie walking through the park (over by the Marriott Hotel) at about 10 minutes before sunset. It’s a HDR combo of 5 exposures – and no Joanie was not moving in any of the exposures. The colors of the sunset and sky and grass are just the way my eye saw things. During the combo process I sharpened up the details to suggest a certain mood to the shot.

Visiting “history” in San Juan Capistrano

30 12 2010

Took a walk around the Los Rios street area of San Juan Capistrano. In case you don’t know where this is…it’s close to the Amtrak station in San Juan Capo. In fact, it is the historical area across the track which has some of the most beautiful/historical shops in the city. Some of the structures are the oldest in California and well preserved. You will find nice places to eat and great antiques to see. The area is only a few blocks long so you can walk around the whole area in just over an hour.

Next time you are close to San Juan…take a few minutes to check out the area.


Old lamp on Los Rios street