Thanksgiving is over and the leafs are turning…

28 11 2011
Who sez that we don’t get beautiful color leafs in Orange County. There are a few trees in my neighborhood in San Juan Capistrano. Remind me of living in the Midwest…except that it’s late November and the temp today is 79 degree and I’m outside in a t-shirt. The weather keeps going from cold to warm within the same week and it drives some of us crazy. Of course, every time I see a few images of the East Coast, I remember that you need to learn to love the winter – or you’re going to very depressed.
Every section of the country has it’s individual appeal, and I’ve lived in Calif., Texas, Indiana, Louisiana, Mass., Flordia, Alaska, Turkey, and Viet Nam (very briefly), I always remember that I can back to California years ago; and while I have fond memories of all the above except Turkey (was in the military), Orange County is the place that just “feels-right.”

It's late November and we're just getting fall colors.




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