Christmas presents – past

28 12 2010

Saw this Radio Flyer in the backyard of neighbor…still one of the childrens favorite toys. I smiled knowing that not everything that kids want today is electronic! The more I thought about it, the more that it guess kids will ALWAYS be kids!

The image of the wagon also lead me to think about the past – my past, and how the most important things to me and my family are rooted in things that last throughout time. No, I’m not about to throw away my computer and iPad (are you crazy?…you couldn’t pry my iPad out of my hands); however I also appreciate that things that last for years and that remind us of our basics.

Do yourself a favor…look around the after the Holidays…notice the toys – how many of them are still being used six months from now. Are they the high-tech toys or the low-tech toys? I would really like to know!




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