Video of Flash Flood Activity

23 12 2010

Click the link BELOW to go to Konrad's Video...

Here the Link – Click Here

Yesterday, my friend, Konrad Fry shot a video of the flood water’s path…starting from a small stream in his backyard, Konrad followed the water as it grew stronger and more powerful through Mission Viejo to San Juan Capistrano. In SJC, the water collected and you’ll see a “river of mud.” Following the river to the ocean (in Dana Point) you’ll see the “results.” The video is 10 minutes and well worth a look. Click the link above to see it on YouTube. While your on Konrad “channel” check out some of his cooking videos – we’ll worth your time – but be ready to get hungry!






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27 03 2012
Alphonso Mehtani

I am not really good with English but I find this really leisurely to read.

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