Been to Orange Lately?

1 12 2010

This is an image of the fountain at the center of the traffic circle in Orange. I haven’t been to this area of Orange is a few years and it took me a few minutes to re-orient myself to the area. First of all, they have one of the best Cuban restaurants in Southern California. But more importantly, they have dozens of shops that specialize in antiques. Of course, what is really disturbing, is that as I was passing through the aisles of past treasures, I would note that I actually owned items very similiar to what I was looking at – talk about “reality check.”

Actually Orange is a quite charming area and if you haven’t spent an afternoon in the downtown area – you owe it to yourself to wander around the area. Just save an hour to dine at Felix’s Cuban restaurant at the south side of the traffic circle.




2 responses

1 12 2010

This photo looks like an impressionist painting. Terrific!!

1 12 2010
Jim D

You have to go there during Labor Day weekend for all the food! They close off downtown and fill it up with food concessions

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