Helped a friend with his MasterChef Audition Video

24 11 2010

Recently, my friend, Konrad Fry, asked me to help him with an audition video for the “MasterChef” TV show. If you have not seen the show – it’s a show that is a competition for non-professional chefs to gain exposure and help them “break-into” the cooking business (the winner also gets $250,000). Konrad has been cooking since he was a teenager and anyone who has ever tasted his cooking knows that he is quite accomplished.

We did the video audition one evening last week. We had to follow very specific guidelines (they only want “raw” video, no music or enhancements) which only makes sense – they are judging Konrad on his speaking ability, presence and how he preps the food. The video is posted at this link…Click Here – if you’d like to see it.

The dish that Konrad prepared in his MasterChef Audition.




2 responses

24 11 2010

Rick, good job, I learned a few things from Konrad. It is interesting to me that he is cooking on electric. I have never seen a chef cook on E.. I like his attitude and the sound is very good. What were you using to shoot this. I have been planning on doing a site for cooking with little 2 minute snipits.. giving cooking tips. We should talk soon. BTY, the love the projects you have been shooting. Frances

24 11 2010

You’re right, cooking on an “induction” stove top is quite unusual. I’ll give you a yell after Thanksgiving and catch-up on what is going on with you!

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