Watching Nature Happen

8 10 2010

Earlier today my wife and I were taking our daily walk/exercise around our home and we noticed a huge number of crows circling a tree – the noise of the crows was amazing. We wondered what was going on…and as we arrived at the area where the dozens of crow were circling we saw a medium size hawk sitting on a lower branch of a pine tree. Upon closer inspection, we could make out that the hawk had captured one of the crows in his claws and was waiting out the crow to fly away with the captured (and apparently dead) crow. The circling crow kept “dive-bombing” the hawk – not allowing him to escape. This went on for about an hour – long enough for me to jog home grab my camera and jog back to get these shots of the event. You can see in the insert photo, the hawk, and the overall photo shows you one of the dive-bombing attempts by one of the crows.

The remarks by my neighbors were interesting – some were rooting for the hawk, some admired the crows for defending their own – for me, it was watching nature “happen.”




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