Salt Water Taffy “Heaven”

3 05 2010

This is an image of a virtual “sea” of salt water taffy found at the Balboa Candy store on Balboa Island. I was capturing a few images over on the island a few weeks ago when I noticed my wife, Joanie, ducking into the store to load up on one of her favorite “guilty-pleasures.” When I came into the store, I was very impressed with the color of all of  the taffy flavors. I had my camera and tripod with me since I was shooting some of the sights in the area and I fired off a 3 exposure sequence before I could even stop to analyze the situation too carefully. Since there was only a few possible angles to shoot the decision was easy. After I shot this image, I tried to shoot with a strobe to light up the interior, but it just didn’t look good…I couldn’t balance the daylight coming in the windows to the flash to produce an effect that looked natural, so I resorted to the HDR technique that produced this result. By the way, lemon taffy is really good.




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