One of the nicest coastal views…

2 05 2010

This is a view that I shot today at a Laguna Beach Open House. This beautiful home is situated high on the hill and the master bedroom has sunset views over the main beach. I shot this about 1:30 in the afternoon and I’m glad I did since a haze rolled in later in the afternoon. This was a 9 exposure image. The range of light was so broad that I needed this number of exposures to get detail in the bedroom as well as the coastal view. I had my Nikon on a tripod and used a remote to fire off the 9 exposures. I was using an aperture setting of f8 to optimize the lens characteristics and the lens was set to 18mm to capture the complete width of the scene. By the way, the back and side glass wall of this master meet at a very acute angle – it not a characteristic of the wide angle lens – the room is constructed as is quite striking. In fact, I saw approximately 18 people at the Open House and everyone always had the same reaction as they entered the room…universally they said: “Wow!”




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