Night Shot – Westwood

30 04 2010

This is an image of the Bruin Theater in Westwood, CA. Located just outside the UCLA campus in Los Angeles, this theater has been active for decades. I took a series of photos in Westwood several months ago as the movie Edge of Darkness was just being released. As I was walking down the street close to the theater I saw the marque and just had to set up my tripod and capture the image. Because of the amount to traffic and number of people in the area; I made sure to shoot very long exposures so that the autos and people would not be captured on any of the frames (that is why you see the light streaks on the street. This was five exposures to make sure that I got the full dynamic color range. I framed the theater so that the front of the Bruin was at the edge of darkness!




2 responses

30 04 2010
Big Jim

Rick, well done! I love how the blackness gives the whole thing such contrast. What were your settings, about a minute? f4 or so?

1 05 2010

Actually, this was one of my 5 exposure compositions. I shot on a tripod at f11 to insure that the exposures would be very long and that the cars and people would not register on the exposure. I believe the times exceeded 40 seconds on the longest exposure. I’m going to go to downtown L.A. soon to try to get some images of the music center and the building around that area…give me a yell if you might be interested in going also. It will certainly be night shots (just after sunset).

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